I’m a Brazilian feminist activist. I work at the intersection of technology and social justice, collaborating with various human rights organisations around the world as Tech Consultant performing different roles such as: digital security specialist and trainer, data strategist, web developer, project manager, sysadmin, researcher and UX/UI designer.

In the last 2 years I had been working as Resilient IT Infrastructure Manager and Organisational Security Specialist at The Engine Room.
Between 2016-2017 I was FORD-Mozilla Open Web Fellow hosted by ONG Derechos Digitales (Chile).
I am a co-founder of Cl4ndestina feminist server.


Orgs I have been collaborated with

Association for Progressive Comunications – APC
Derechos Digitales
Datos Protegidos
Políticas Alternativas para o Cone Sul – PACS
Coding Rights
Gênero e número
FRIDA young feminist fund
The Engine Room
Articulação de Mulheres Brasileiras – AMB

Networks I’m part of

Ciberseguras (Latin America)
Rede transfeminista de Cuidados Digitais (Brazil)