I worked for a year with the FRIDA team in the creation of the organization’s new website.
The work involved user research, information architecture, prototyping, benchmarking, design and web development.


Grantee partners map
FRIDA uses the Hobo-Dyer Projection to show their view of the globe. This map depicts the globe in its actual relative size and positions the Global North (Europe and North America) at the bottom, rejecting the insidious idea of the supremacy of the Global North that we have all come to learn and challenging subsequent internal biases rooted in colonial ideals. In our effort to reimagine a new world, we must recognize the ways in which hegemonic colonial and patriarchal ideologies have literally shrunk and erased our lands, territories, and sense of community.

Green Energy
The new FRIDA website has migrated to a new non-profit server that uses green energy from renewable, sustainable sources and free and open software.

Learn more about the process of creating and developing the website.

ORG: FRIDA young feminist fund
Role: tech lead, sysadmin, UX/UI designer

Further Projects